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Say goodbye to an old friend

We were less than thrilled when music told us we'd get a new format. The response was, "No Way Digital Is Better" As we got older, the CD became our best friend and even a therapist a time or two. 


Now we're only left with memories, like the first time we heard songs without the scratches and pops. We also remember the bad memories, like getting stuck in the dashboard stereo or the Walkman running out of batteries.


The CD became the favorite media format in the world. Saying goodbye to it is never easy, but here we are — and we will go on for music. 

Yes, CDs are dead, tap music cards are the future


NFC music cards

Vinyl records, cassettes, and 8-track tapes, CDs are all things from the past that are now replaced by digital streaming. The problem with this is that there are no tangible products to support the creative process, and people can no longer enjoy building a physical album collection.

Fans love tap music cards
Give Them What They Want

Fans want a physical connection.

Fans love to connect with their favorite artists and own a collectible tangible item. With technological advances, digitized music has almost rendered traditional media obsolete, creating a void. Although there is a renaissance in vinyl sales, studies show that more than half the buyers do not own turntables and purchase solely to have something physical.

Tap Music Cards allow fans to own a convenient item that connects them to the music using today's technology while creating revenue for the artist.

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